PS57 Crescent's Vision

Our belief is that learning is a lifelong journey that our scholars and educators embark on together. The cornerstone of our philosophy is that all children can achieve the highest levels of their intellectual, emotional and social capabilities. In order to promote the highest quality education, we must provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment that allows our scholars to share their thoughts and express their opinions. Through the fostering and cultivation of mutual respect between school, home and the community, we will develop scholars that will be able to meet and exceed the rigorous standards of our curricula. With the unwavering support and guidance of our school community, our scholars will be fortified with the drive and determination to be the leaders and creators of a better world for the 21st century.

PS57 Crescent's Mission

PS57 The Crescent School is a vibrant, safe and nurturing community that fosters and values respect for all. Our primary goal is to provide an outstanding education for each and every scholar who walks through our doors. Every scholar must be challenged to work to his/her greatest potential. Each scholar will be regarded as a separate and important individual and will be given varieties of valuable learning experiences as well as an environment that will allow them to grow at their own rate and individual way. Education is a science of teaching and learning. Professional development will be a key lever for our teachers to continuously enhance their practice in order to provide exemplary differentiated instruction and to develop our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based curricula. An active partnership between scholars, parents, community and staff will be cultivated to ensure that all voices are heard and honored.